We are a company that was born in the sea

In 1990 with the acquisition of a boat for lobster and grouper fishing, the company started operations MASPESCA S.A. de C.V.

This family business begins an adventure full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm and commitment to become an important company within the fishing industry in Yucatan, Mexico.

At present we have a fleet of 15 medium-height vessels and 6 coastal fishing boats dedicated to capturing octopus, lobster and species of scale as grouper, yellow snapper, American red snapper, etc.

We also have a processing and freezing plant in an area of ​​3,700 square meters with a freezing capacity of 25 TN daily and a storage of 600 TN, docks, and an ice factory with capacity to produce 35 TN daily.

We are exporting our products to USA, Italy, Spain and Asia.

We have European certification and the highest standards of quality and safety in our products, from capture, processing and delivery to our customers.

We are convinced that a constant improvement in all fields of action of our company means that we can continue to grow every day, that is why our fleet personnel, processing plants and administrative staff receive regular training courses.

Our fleet is currently being modernized in safety and fuel consumption. With this process we will have the best management standards of our products and above all taking care of the sustainability of the resources of the sea, from the beginning this has been the most important commitment of the company and we will continue to carry it out.

We have partnered with small producers and cooperatives to increase our product volumes and marketing, also supporting them with training to improve the quality and safety of their products and to have better margins.

  • Mission

Carry out the activities of catching, processing and marketing of seafood with the standards of safety and quality of excellence, allowing them to arrive with the freshness and availability that our clients at a national and international level demand, always taking care of of sustainability.

  • Vision

To be a company of excellence, recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its marine products, its efficient commercialization and the care of the environment.